To those who enjoy having a drink
An instant miso soup featuring scallops, corbicula, oyster extract, and plum flesh!


Been out drinking for a few nights in a row ?
Had a few too many while complaining about your boss ?
When you're feeling the effects of the night before, the thing you really feel a craving for is some nice miso soup with shellfish.
The scallops, corbicula, oyster extract, and plum will leave your body feeling refreshed.
Just have a cup before your party and a cup afterwards.
A luxurious miso soup with a wonderful aftertaste.
Keep some in your pantry.

Hi-Donemon is miso soup that soothes your body - all you have to do is have a cup before you start drinking, and one afterwards. It contains scallops, corbicula, and oyster extract, and has a new plum flavour that will leave you feeling refreshed.


12cups x 220yen
Three-serving pack
10packs x 350yen
Single-serving pack
20packs x 150yen
Prices do not include tax.

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