Genuine superior dark type soysauce

Winner of many honours and awards throughout Japan

"DENRAI" is superb.It's beautiful color, excellent aroma and full body are well-reputed.
We can honestly say this is our best soy sauce, made with traditional methods.


1 liter bottle - \410

TAX excludedCan be purchased in units of 2,3,6,or 15 only.

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Stock from bonito flakes produced at Yamagawa-cho, Kagoshima Prefecture is concentrated and blended with soy sauce to make AJI-MARUJYU.
This soy sauce-style flavoring material is popularly used all over Japan from Northern to Southern and even overseas.

How to use

water or hotwater:Ajimarujyu
Sashimi,sushi,cooked greens - Full strength
For dipping noodles - 5:1
Boiled vegetables,eggs custard - 10:1
Tempura dip,oden - 6:1
Boiled tofu(beancurd) - Ajimarujyu1:soysauce2
Flavor base for sukiyaki - Ajimarujyu1:soysauce1

Thease are suggested uses.Please adjust to your own taste.


1 liter bottle- \660
1.8 liter bottle with handle- \1,100
TAX excluded
Can be purchased in units of 2,3,6,or 15 only.(1L)
Can be purchased in units of 1,4,5,or 8 only.(1.8L)