Soup concentrate & Pickles seasoning



For soba,somen,udon,tempura dip,boiled dishes,table-top(nabe)cooking.
This rich flavoring agent is prepared from the finestbonito broth. It includes the important conditions of flavoring:bonito flavor and balanced sweetness and freshness.

How to use:

Tsuyu : water or hotwater
For noodle(soba,somen,hiyamugi)dipping sauce1:1
Tempura dip1:2
Soba,udon noodle soup,fish chowder(yosenabe)1:3
Boiled dishes,oden1:4
Cold tofu,boiled tofu,sukiyaki flavoringFull strength


600ml - \550
TAX excluded
Nibai Tsuyu(a double strength type)is available 400ml.- \350
TAX excluded

Number per box:

Kappofu Tsuyu 6 bottles(600ml.each)per box

Nibai Tsuyu 10 bottles(400ml.each)per box

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It's easy to make delicious "Asazuke"mild pickles.

You can easily make "asazuke" mild pickles from cucumber,eggplant,turnip,Chainese cabbage and other vegetables.*In order to bring out natural flavors no vinegar is used.
If the pickles become sour,just wash and drain well and add more ASAZUKE to refresh their flavor.
Give it try!

*If vinegar is used,the vegetable may tast pickled,but flavor will be missing.

How to use:

Cut 300g.cucumber and 200g.cabbage in bite-sized pieces. Add 70cc. of ASAZUKE-NO-MOTO and leave until the next morning. Please refrigerate after that.


1 liter plastic bottle - \620
TAX excluded

Number per box:

Available in 2,3,6,15 unit boxes.

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