Jyuwari soba

Yamagata Pref is famous for soba (buckwheat noodles). It is different from Shinshu soba in that it is thicker and firmer. The more you chew it,the more flavorful it is ; it's the best soba.Tsutu(the soup) must not dominate the soba's taste and flavor, but be subtle and refined. In most soba,a binding agent is used such as flour,yam(yamaimo) or devil's tongue(konnyaku)starch. However,in Yamagata jyuwari soba made from 100% buckwheat flour is a specialty.This provides genuine soba flavor.It is often said that soba cannot be made from 100% buckwheat,but when a soba artisan uses his secret recipe,it's really worth trying.We urge everyone to give it a try.

Yamagata Jyuwari Soba(4-5 servings,550g)
plus Tsuyu(400ml.to be diluted with an equal amount of water)

- \3,500

Including shipping
(This price apply to Japan domestic)
TAX excluded
Delivery:COD by Yamato Collect Service.
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