Do you know?

Do yo know about the Japanese traditional seasoning, "shoyu"(soy sauce),it's types and brewing?

Soy sauce originate from Vietnumese "nukmam",a fish product.It was brought to Korea where it was named "zhang" and from these brought to Japan and since that time brewed here. Japanese soy sauce with its refined flavor,color and taste is becoming one of the world's most popular seasonings.

Our products are exported to U.S.,HongKong and the U.K.

Type of soy sauce:
TypeRemarksUseSalt ContentProcess of PreparationWhere Prepared
Dark soy sauce (koikuchi)80% of all soysauce productsAll16`18%Prepared with equal amounts of soybeans and wheatCountry-wide
Light soy sauce (Usukuchi)Light in color.Bright out colorand taste of foods. Boild dishes 18`19%Prepared with equal amounts of soybeans and wheatHyogo Prefecture
Tamari soy sauceFull-body,mellow tasteTeriyaki, Rice crackers16`18%Soybeans and small amounts of wheatTokai District
Double brewed soy sauceAlso called"kanro"(nectar)RichBoiled foods13`14%Instead of salt water,soy sauce is used inpreparationSanin District
White soy saucePaler than light soy sauceEgg custardKishimen noodle soup18`19%Polished wheat and small amount of tosted soybeansare used to make the malt Aichi Prefecture

Brewing(Soy sauce)


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